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The Green Deal Data Space Foundation and its Community of Practice
GREAT Project


Project Coordinated by IDC

The GREAT project, funded by the Digital Europe program, aims to establish the Green Deal Data Space Foundation and its Community of Practice which builds on both the European Green Deal and the EU’s Strategy for Data. The project will deliver a roadmap for implementing and deploying the Green Deal Data Space, an infrastructure that will allow data providers and initiatives to openly share their data to tackle climate change in a multidisciplinary manner.

Funding Source
EC Horizon Europe
project budget
EUR 2,000,000
egi budget
EUR 324,424
Contract No.
type of project
Policy and coordination
Target Group
Research communities

EGI Foundation Role in the Project

EGI is heavily involved in WP2, 3, 4 and 6

In WP2, we contribute to T2.2 Green Deal Data Space coordination, T2.3 Stakeholder network establishment and T2.4 Dissemination and online presence.

In WP3, EGI is involved in work on Technical Architecture, and within WP4, we coordinate the work on Governance and Business Models. In more detail, EGI will analyse the Current Governance Schemes and propose the proper governance for Green Deal Data Space.

Last but not least, we contribute to WP6, which defined the Roadmap for GDDS implementation.


Expected Results:

To establish the GDDS foundations and Community of Practice with: (1) the Minimum Viable GDDS for the first implementation phase of the data federation; (2) the reference blueprint of the technical architecture; (3) the governance scheme and (4) implementation roadmap, building on the strong involvement and support of a (5) cross-sectoral pan-European community of practice of data and service providers, users and intermediaries.

The design of the GDDS and the Minimum Viable GDDS will incorporate all the dimensions above to meet the requirements from use cases supporting the following three Green Deal actions: 2030 Biodiversity strategy, Zero-pollution action plan and Climate Change Adaptation strategy.


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